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Diving The Crab was established in 1985 when the first school was opened at Jadini Beach Hotel. Since then we have concentrated all our efforts in providing a professional and dedicated service to our clients. As a result our reputation is known worldwide. We are extremely privileged to be operating on Kenya’s south coast, where the Idyllic Indian Ocean provides warm hospitable waters, teeming with marine life. Often on our way to dive sites the boat will slow down to play with a school of friendly dolphins or the gentlest of giants, the whale shark.

Diving is our religion!

Diving The Crab - Kenya

Dive sites

The reefs along the Kenya coast are extremely diverse and all standards of diving can be found to suit even the most fastidious diver.

Waa Wreck
The H.M.S. Hildasay. HMS Hildasay Sunk June 21st 1945 and now lies in the sand at 22 mtrs hull up, which means the wreck itself is not wildly interesting. However, there are always interesting and rare fish on and around the wreck so it is a dive that is well worth doing. Boat Ride: 25 min Average Depth: 22m

Kasa Kubwa
A nice slope with some interesting coral formations. Keep your eyes open for turtles, which are often seen resting here. Boat Ride: 20min.Average Depth: 13m

A very different reef. Reef top at 27 meters with drop offs to 50 meters. Dense growths of whip coral and sea fans. Lot’s of yellow snappers and a resident school of barracuda makes this a short but very interesting dive. Nitrox recommended. Boat Ride: 20min.Average Depth: 30m

Kikadini Reef
There is a depression at the deep end of this reef which boasts large number of fish. Before the reef forms a long, very interesting wall to 23meters which has large coral blocks to add movement and depth to this very prolific reef. There are also two or three species of fish that are found only on this reef. Boat Ride: 25min. Average Depth: 14m

Similar to Pongwe but lies slightly further out to sea, therefore offering a greater chance of mantas and pelagic fish. Also excellent nudibranch spotting as this reef is isolated from the main reef. Boat Ride: 15min. Average Depth: 15m

The southern part of the reef is a coral drop off which gradually softens into a coral reef. Flat at 12-15 meters. Turtles, stingrays and schools of Jack and butterfly fish make this reef their home. Boat Ride: 10min. Average Depth: 13m

A patch reef, which sticks off the main reef somewhat like a spur. The southern end offers the best coral and fish life. An enjoyable drift dive. Boat Ride: 15min. Average Depth: 14m.

This reef boasts some of the best coral formations on the South coast. At one point of the dive one dives over a large field of sea anemone’s which makes this one of our most pleasant dives. Boat Ride: 10 min. Average Depth: 13m

Due to this reef being on a river outlet it is only worth diving from November to April. The wall allows for attractive photography, with caves and overhangs making the perfect background. Boat Ride: 5 min. Average Depth: 10m

A long thin reef perfect for beginners and those looking for a long dive. Boat Ride: 5min. Average Depth: 10m.

Gently sloping reef approximately 650 meters long makes this a very relaxing and enjoyable second dive. Lot’s of turtles!! Boat Ride: 5min. Average Depth: 12m.

This is a long reef (1.5 kms) that is usually drifted if conditions allow. There is an exciting coral head on the reef that often has huge amounts of small reef fish. We often see turtles and sometimes the odd manta ray on the dive. Boat Ride: 5min. Average Depth: 12m.

Kisima Mungu
Nomads. A long drift dive on a gently sloping reef. Although not very rich in coral life it is well known for sightings of seldom seen fish such as ghost pipe fish, guitar rays, leaf fish, turtles, and very occasionally whitetips lying in the sand further out from the reef. Boat Ride: 5 min. Average Depth: 10m.

MFV Funguo
Sunk 21st February 2002. MV Funguo ran aground on the reef outside Kilindini Harbor. She was salvaged and was then sunk by Diving The Crab and Dream Diving – Kaskazi as an artificial reef off Diani Beach. A must for any experience diver. Nitrox recommended. Boat Ride: 5min. Average Depth: 22m

A pretty gentle slope with turtles and stingrays in force. Due to the fact that the reef lies only 10 mins away from the dive base, an ideal beginners dive. Boat Ride: 10min. Average Depth: 14m.

This reef is named after an aborted underwater habitat was abandoned here. There is a very fish rich step with a nice population of sweetlips by the igloo. Boat Ride: 5min. Average Depth: 12m.

Galu Reef
Attractive corals and groups of fish. It is on this reef that we see most of the rarer fish (sea horses, ghost pipe fish, frog fish, flying gurnards, ghost morays and leaf fish). Boat Ride: 5min. Average Depth: 13m.

A very pleasant drift dive which can be dived by beginners on the shallower western side and by experienced divers on the deeper eastern side. A necklace of coral reefs which lie in white sand offer a very attractive contrast of landscapes. Large schools of fish on the southern reefs make this an extremely interesting dive. Boat Ride:20min. Average Depth: 15m

An outcropping from the main fringing reef, maftaha is a small island of life attached to the main reef by a thin coral umbilical cord, one of our prettiest and most fish abundant reefs. Because the reef is surrounded on three sides by open ocean, there is a good possibility of whalesharks and mantas. Boat Ride: 10 min from Chale / 25 min from Diani. Average Depth:

Kinondo Reef
This reef has the most amount of fish of any reef on the South Coast. Large schools of Barracuda, shoals of yellow and blue lined Snappers, red Snappers, Trigger Fish, Morays and the greatest possibility of seeing Pelagic fish. Boat Ride: 20min. Average Depth:13m.

A single small (200 meters long) patch reef from 25 meters to 14 meters which lies off the main fringing reef, Due to its isolation from the rest of the reef a very dense fauna aggregation can be found


Our fleet consists of 9 dive boats that have been custom built for the Kenya seas by the owner of Diving The Crab, Mr. Mario Scianna. All our boats are powered by Yamaha outboards giving us speeds of 20-40 knots, thus ensuring a quick and enjoyable ride to all our dive sites.

Diani Beach Diving

Mwewe is a custom built timber dive boat able to carry up to 30 divers, with 2 x 200 hp Yamaha outboard engines. The boat is sleek and fast, designed to get to dive locations quickly and comfortably.

Mwezi is a custom built timber dive boat able to carry up to 25 divers, with 2 x 200 hp Yamaha outboard engines. The boat is sleek and fast, designed to get to dive locations quickly and comfortably.

Kitty In ...
Fast and sylish custom built timber dive boat able to carry up to 8 divers, with 2 x 85 hp Yamaha outboard engines. The boat is sleek and fast, designed to get to dive locations quickly and comfortably.



Diving The Crab has qualified Instructors offering PADI and SSI Scuba Diving courses, from basic “Scuba Diver” through to “Divemaster”. We can also give you and “Intro” to the wonders of Diving to wet your appetite and let you dive with an Instructor. Our operation is friendly but professional.

Discover Scuba Diving
A short course involving one theory lesson, one pool lesson and a dive in the sea, to get a taste of what it is all about.

Referral Courses
Should clients begin a course anywhere in the world but be unable to complete the full curriculum courses can be completed elsewhere as a referral course, broken down into 2 x parts – a). 5 Pool lessons, 5 Theory. b). 1 pool lesson, 4 openwater dives, final exam and Openwater License awarded.

Open Water Diver
This is a comprehensive beginners course involving 5 theory lessons, 5 pool lessons, 4 open water dives and a snorkel session. At the end a written test is completed and if passed the Open Water Diver licence is awarded. This licence entitles a person to dive worldwide without direct instructor supervision.

Advanced Open Water Diver
Complete four specialities with our PADI or SSI Advanced program and earn the distinction of becoming an advanced diver. Some pool and Theory may be required.


Diving Price List

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Between our various bases we have 200 cylinders and 70 full sets of equipment which are immaculately maintained and serviced every 6 months. We have no equipment over two years old. We have also recently designed and built a state of the art fully air conditioned compressor room fitted with four Bauer K14 and two Bauer Mariner compressors capable of filling 24 cylinders at one time. We work principally with Free Shark and Mares.



At Diving The Crab we offer several fabulous sea-orientated safaris to some of the beautiful sites in our area for both divers and non-divers.



We are proud of our staff. Diving The Crab has built up a substantial staff base of well trained, professional and friendly staff eager to help in giving you a great diving experience. Management is run by Marco. We have 4 instructors Samson, Leonard, Eric and Evans who will lead the experienced divers and show them marine life the normal eye would easily miss. Our captains and crew have years of experience and our receptionists are friendly and helpful.



Diani Beach offers many and various forms of accomodation, including at least 14 hotels, along with apartments, self catering cottages, long lets and many others. See below some examples:

The Sands at Nomad

The Sands at Chale Island